Generosity ripples through generations (Q10)

With some discouraging news having come up last week, 52Quarters has not been top of mind. As such, I will have two shorter posts this week (1 to make up for last week and 1 for this week).

There are always lots of stories shared at the dinner table… some sticking out more than others.

Many moons ago my grandfather and uncle found themselves on a plane heading to Italy. This wasn’t for a vacation, but rather a trip to go see their father (my great-grandfather) who was very ill. It’s a long enough trip when you have nothing on your mind. It would be roughly an 8 hour flight and then still quite a drive once they landed (they would have to rent a car).

During the flight they struck up a conversation with a gentleman sitting next to them. Aside from discovering that the gentleman was a business man from Milano and uncovering the reason for my grandfather and uncles’ trip to Italy, I don’t know what was discussed. My mind would have been too preoccupied with other things to talk to anyone.  As the flight was approaching its end the gentleman turned to my grandfather and uncle and said, “Don’t rent a car. I will lend you my car. Use it for as long as you need it. Just return it when you are done with it.”

They’d never met him before, but he was moved enough to lend out his car to two total strangers without a second thought or knowing when/if the car would be returned.

There are some acts of generosity that are carried out for the purpose of seeking public recognition and attention. However, there are people who seek nothing in return.  No matter how large or small, generosity can ripple through generations living far beyond that one gesture. While my grandfather and uncle have passed on, the story still moves forward and will continue to do so. I hope to one day pay that forward… striving to be the inspiration for someone else to do the same.


3 thoughts on “Generosity ripples through generations (Q10)

  1. Wow, that’s such a great act of kindness. I hope your great-grandfather is comfortable and has the best medical team around him. I’m glad he also has family.

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