Pick your head up

“The next time you are out for a walk, reflect as you look down, plan as you look forward, and dream as you look up.”


Fall to rise

“In this life we fall so that we can appreciate what it means to rise”


Pick yourself up

“When business went bad my friend gave up. I stopped and took a day to figure out how I would move forward. The next day it was back to business as usual.”



“If life were equipped with GPS it would make for quite a mindless journey.”



“I saw an old man sitting in his car in his driveway this weekend with his window rolled down. He didn’t look like he was heading anywhere. His eyes looked as if they were playing back memories long gone. I saw myself…”



“The lord, it seems, works in mysterious ways. In fact, he works in such mysterious ways that at times he doesn’t know why he did something, but don’t worry it will come back to him eventually.”



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