Enjoy the journey and savor each milestone (Q9)

AmalfiI originally started this blog for the same reason I have ever done anything in life… the idea got stuck in my head.  I wanted to share stories to connect with other people. I wanted to drive people to reflect on their own stories and realize the lessons from each of their own. It has now been two months since I started this blog. I could lie and say that the lessons that I draw from each story I post were drawn along my journey, but the fact is I am learning how I have been shaped by these experiences as I write each post. So far, for me, this blog has been eye-opening and painful (some posts emotionally driven).

As each week goes by and my stories come to light in each post I discover more about myself. I realize that up until this point I had spent very little time savoring each milestone. I am always concerned about what is next up and spend little time enjoying the journey. I feel like I have huge shoes to fill because everyone that came before me set such a high standard. I am trying to make everyone proud and push forward. I want to pay tribute to the struggles of those who came before me and prove that it was all worth it.

Time goes by quickly, like water slipping through your fingers. I stress over how much I want to accomplish and what little time I have. I stress over how foolishly I have let time slip away because of the mindless routine that most of us fall into. I often overshadow what I have done with the list of things that I want to do fearing that those closest to me won’t be around by the time I have checked off those items from my list.

So I sit here 2 months in to the 52Quarters blog with over 2,700 hits (far more than I thought I would have in a year), a new-found appreciation for where my journey has brought me, and a hope that these stories touch others in such a way that it will drive them to look back on what lessons and experiences have shaped them.


6 thoughts on “Enjoy the journey and savor each milestone (Q9)

  1. You have to be proud of the things you’ve accomplished so far. You cannot spend you’re life worrying about things you have no control over. Be there for your family and friends, but first you have to be there for yourself.

  2. Your words are truly from the heart and it seems that when I really need to hear something positive I look at my email and 52Q’s is waiting for me.

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