Jump if you have the chance (Q33)


There are times when you doubt your ability to succeed. The odds are not in your favor, and you fear you will let others down and let yourself down. Sometimes that doubt holds you back from making a run at something great. There are many people who face this same decision, some making that decision as I type. They go in knowing that failure is a very real possibility. Other people do not have the luxury to weigh that decision.

If you make the decision to try to defy the odds, know that you had the opportunity to try when others didn’t. Even if you fail, you had the opportunity to fail and move forward. Failure wouldn’t be the end, only a bump on the journey. If you do not try, you passed on an opportunity that someone else would have jumped on if afforded that same¬†opportunity.

Don’t let doubt hold you down. Jump if you have the chance.


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