We are the people who raised us (Q27)

“Some days I open my eyes and wake up… some days I wake up and open my eyes.”

Walking through the city, on a mission to grab a double espresso, I passed a building with a shine on it so crisp that it could pass for a mirror. I caught a glimpse of myself walking down the block surrounded by a sea of people. At any given time my mind cycles through dozens of thoughts, but at that moment I was suddenly stuck on “who am I”.

IMG_3908I arrived at my espresso place, ordered the usual, and sat by the window. I could see a faint reflection of myself looking back at me…both of us pondering the same thing. I thought about what I saw… about who I saw… and about why.

Think about who you are and how you got here. We are the people who raised us… parents, grandparents, closest friends. Everyone has had an impact on the people we are and the people we will become. Sometimes it is easy to forget that. We are affected by the people we let affect us and, either intentionally or unintentionally, acquire traits from those we keep closest to us.

As the days pass it becomes clear how the sacrifices that each generation has made benefits the next. I am a product of hard work and sacrifice… the type of sacrifice and hard work that many from my generation do not understand. It is a debt that is impossible to pay back and so the best way to show thanks is to continue to pay it forward.

Look at yourself. Open your eyes. We are a reflection of everyone who raised us, everyone who imparted their wisdom on us, everyone who lifted us and everyone who pushed for more before us and for us.


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