Cancer’s cancer (Q15)

boxingThink back to a time when you received bad news. I am not talking about the grocery store running out of your favorite creamer, or having to wait 3 months for your new phone to come in the mail. I mean legitimate bad news. You get a lump in your throat; eyes start to well; a million questions race through your mind; you get filled with anger and start to throw blame around; you feel everything collapsing around you; you stop listening; you feel numb; everything goes quiet…

Bad news rarely leaves people with the drive to stay positive. Most people are overcome with negativity which just feeds a vicious descent … it can chop down giants.

My father-in-law is no giant, but he has had his fill of bad news over the years. He has climbed into the ring with cancer twice in the past 8 years and unbelievably walked out with his arm raised. You would never know that there was anything wrong because he never looked down. He kept smiling and cracking jokes, always staying positive throughout everything. That attitude helped all of us feel a little more at ease in a situation that would have otherwise been constantly weighing down on us.


My father-in-law, small frame and 5 foot tall, steps into the ring to fight Mike Tyson. As he walks towards the center of the ring he has no fear in his eye, but just smiles as they tap gloves. He signals to us not to worry that he can take him…Mike towering over him like the Chrysler building overshadowing a deli. Still he doesn’t flinch and he doesn’t back down. He simply carries on in his calm and relaxed manner. We stand by more worried outside of the ring than he is in the middle of it.  

The strength that he showed throughout everything was far more impressive than any amount of weight that someone can bench press or squat in the gym. As my father-in-law steps into the ring for now the third time it’s that same attitude that will keep him going. It inspires us to cheer louder, to cheer longer and to have faith that his attitude will carry him to another victory.

I have seen how contagious and powerful a positive outlook can be and know that a negative one can cause a foundation to crumble.  A positive attitude is an amazing medicine without harmful side effects. I have to believe that if you have enough positive energy around you that your body will be inspired to fight harder.

I have to believe that remaining positive is cancer’s cancer.



We will be cycling to raise money for Cancer Research. ::and that is where most people will stop reading::

After reading this post you know why. If you find some extra money in your pocket, under your bed, in your couch cushions, in your desk at work, in that pair of jeans you haven’t worn in months… please consider donating to this cause. If you can donate, it will be greatly appreciated… if you can’t donate please cheer us on because I am horrible at cycling and probably won’t be able to walk for a week because I will be so sore. =)

To Visit our Team page and Donate CLICK HERE.


6 thoughts on “Cancer’s cancer (Q15)

  1. He is very blessed to have so much love around him and it is very true that being positive and having faith makes you stronger in the ring of life.

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